Know Your 2290 Road Tax Cost

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Know Your 2290 Road Tax Cost

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How much does 2290 tax cost? Here is a step-by-step Road Tax Calculation for your 2290 road tax cost.

Step 1: Select your tax period

Step 2: Select the ‘First Used Month‘

Step 3: Select the ‘Weight Category’ of your vehicle

Step 4: Enter the number of ‘Taxable vehicle count’

Step 5: Enter the number of ‘Logging vehicle count’

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Type Price
Single vehicle $48.99
2-4 vehicles $66.99
5-10 vehicles $89.99
10+ vehicles $108.99
Form 2290 amendments $31.99
eFile Form 8849 $28.99

HVUT Tax Glossary

First Used Month (FUM)

The First Used Month or Month First Used is the month when you first used your vehicle on a public highway.

Taxable Gross Weight

Taxable gross weight of your vehicle is:

  • The actual unloaded weight of vehicle fully equipped for service
  • The actual unloaded weight of any trailers or semi-trailers equipped for service that is generally used in combination with the vehicle
  • The weight of the maximum load generally carried on the vehicle and its trailers or semi-trailers.

Logging Vehicle

Your vehicle qualifies as a logging vehicle if it is used exclusively for the transportation of products harvested from a forested site such as timber. Logging vehicles are subject to lower tax rates than other heavy highway vehicles. If your vehicle is a logging vehicle, you need to pay 25% less HVUT payment.

Tax-exempt Vehicle

Tax-exempt vehicles are the ones that are exempt from paying the Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax. This includes:

  • Commercial vehicles traveling under 5,000 miles per year
  • Agricultural vehicles traveling under 7,500 miles per year
  • Non-highway motor vehicles (machinery for non-transportation functions, non-transportation trailers and semi-trailers, etc.)
  • Qualified blood-collector vehicles

Frequently Asked Questions around HVUT Tax Calculation and 2290 road tax cost

Q. How to calculate tax for Taxable Gross Weight Increase?

A. If you are e-filing your return through eForm 2290, you can file a 2290 amendment for increase in ‘taxable gross weight increased’ section. For this, you will need to specify your VIN, month of weight increase, the old weight and the new weight. You will also need to indicate if your vehicle is a logging vehicle. Once all the details are keyed in, you can proceed to make the payment through your preferred method of payment.

Q. What to do if your Taxable Gross Weight increases?

A. When the taxable gross weight of the vehicle increases from the originally reported return during the period, your vehicle will fall under a new category. When your vehicle's weight increases, its additional tax amount will also increase.

Q. How to report increase in taxable gross weight?

A. You can report the increase in taxable gross weight in Form 2290 by marking it as an Amendment under Increase in Taxable Gross Weight.

Q. When is 2290 tax due?

A. You need to pay your first HVUT payment a month after the month of first use of your vehicle. You will be calculating the amount you owe up to the beginning of July, as July is the start of the HVUT calendar year.

For example, if you purchase your vehicle in October, you will need to pay your HVUT by the end of November.

Q. Do you need to file tax for special permit vehicles?

A. No. You don't need to pay tax for vehicles with a special temporary travel permit. These are permits that allow a vehicle to operate:

  • In a state in which it is not registered
  • At more than a state's maximum weight limit, or
  • At more than the weight at which it is registered in the state

Final Thoughts

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